Bring the office home…

Bring the office home – or on the move – with Touch Telecom’s Simplified VOIP System

In the current Covid-19 situation, our daily working and personal lives have been tipped upside down – overnight!

As we enter the second month of lockdown, many businesses of all sizes are trying to operate within the government’s restrictions of social distancing and home working. For many businesses this affects how they can communicate with their customers and vice versa. Businesses have spent a great deal of time and money on brand building and creating good customer service and are suddenly faced with resorting to using mobiles or answerphones – not the impression they wanted to give out, especially at a time when business is critical.

Wetherby based telecoms company Touch Telecom provide an innovative service which combats this problem. Their Simplified VOIP system allows your telephone service to be internet based allowing you to bring the VOIP handsets home away from the office for home working or to use their Softphone App which allows you to make and receive calls as if you were in the office – or a combination of the two. Using the app, you dial out using your smartphone but the call appears to come from your business telephone number. This system allows members of your team to work together, but separately, from various locations. In addition the system can easily handle voicemails, internal transfers and call management.

Many of Touch Telecom’s business customers are already enjoying this service and so when lockdown was enforced, the transition to work from home or different locations was one less thing to worry about.

New business customers who are interested in moving to a VOIP system can take advantage of monthly contracts (no tie ins) and a 30 day free trial. For information and to discuss how the VOIP system could benefit you, please call Touch Telecom on 01937 343 949 or contact us

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