Touch Telecom can help with broadband upgrade costs

Upgrading your internet connection can be a costly exercise, and being unable to do so can hamper your ability to grow and develop your business. If your business is suffering from a slow, sluggish and unreliable internet connection, the Digital Enterprise scheme, can offer between £500 and £3,000 of funding to help you cover the cost of upgrading to a faster, more reliable digital connection/broadband with Connectivity+ Vouchers.

Connectivity+ Vouchers are intended to help businesses upgrade to higher speed business grade broadband, above 30 mbps. If your current download speed is above 30 mbps, then a new higher speed connection should double the broadband speed. 

The vouchers can be used to upgrade to a faster connection and other associated costs such as the cost of a physical connection, including excess construction costs, the initial 12 months rental costs, hardware, cabling and consultancy costs.

To check your eligibility for the funding and for more information about the Digital Enterprise scheme, please visit:

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