Data Services

No matter what your business does, or which sector you operate in, data connectivity is now an essential.

Touch Telecom offer a wide range of fast, reliable connectivity solutions, to give your business the bandwidth, flexibility, resilience and cost-efficiency your business needs.

Touch Telecom deliver superfast broadband to rural and urban areas quickly and effectively either through wireless technology or underground infrastructure providing solutions tailored to your requirements.

A network connection provided by Touch Telecom will give you speed, reliability and quality assurance.

Touch Telecom offers solutions for business broadband, leased lines and wireless leased lines.

You can trust our expertise to support your business with the latest technology, whether you need a secure, dedicated, high-speed network connection, super-fast broadband for multiple locations or a tailored connectivity solution for a multi-occupancy building or business park.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

High speed, super-reliable broadband connection for any business wanting to gain a unique competitive advantage.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) involves running fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange or distribution point to the street cabinets which then connect to a standard copper phone line to provide broadband.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Superfast Fibre Broadband connections for superfast business communications. FTTP provides a fibre optic connection all the way from the telephone exchange to your premises.

FTTP’s 100% fibre connection offers lightning speeds and improves the performance of your internet connection delivering speeds of up to 1GB.

Leased Lines

Dedicated, secure, superfast internet, delivered directly into your office. Leased Lines provide a permanent, dedicated service between two locations with high bandwidth tailored to your requirements. Leased lines guarantee the end user a quality of service and have service level agreements for downtime whereas Fibre Broadband doesn’t.

With speeds up to 1GB, businesses are taking advantage of this reduced cost and becoming more efficient.
Increase business productivity and efficiency with a Touch Telecom Leased Line. Whether you’re looking for site-to-site connectivity or a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed performance and reliability, talk to us about our Leased Lines options.

Wireless Leased Lines

Delivering guaranteed internet speed wirelessly into your office.
Wireless leased line internet is designed for companies who depend on having a fully functional guaranteed speed broadband connection. If your business broadband is relying on third party owned, decaying copper cables, then a wireless leased line from Touch Telecom is the solution.

Through a range of suppliers, we offer wireless leased lines. Wireless leased line internet is your own dedicated wireless Internet line that guarantees that the connection speed you pay for, is the speed you get. It removes all reliance on unreliable cables and the third parties that manage them and gives you guaranteed service. With wireless leased lines, massive amounts of data can be transferred quickly and efficiently, with an ultra-reliable connection level of 99.5%.

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