Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Fixed Line Voice, Data and Mobile Services.

Touch Telecom Ltd registered office is at: Unit 3B, Rudgate Court, Walton, Wetherby, LS23 7BF.

Contract Dates & Terms

Touch Telecom Ltd contract shall be deemed as commenced upon signing by the customer however the contract term shall not be deemed as commenced until the date the final service is activated.


Touch Telecom Ltd will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the service is delivered within the standard lead time associated with the product however we accept no liability for factors beyond ours or the suppliers control including (but not limited to) delays caused by third parties or force majeure events.


1.1 Touch Telecom Ltd shall provide service(s) to the customer according to the terms of the contract. A Minimum Term applies.

1.2 Touch Telecom Ltd may obtain telecommunications services from a carrier in order to supply services to the customer. The customer accepts that it is technically impracticable to provide telecommunications services which are entirely free of faults and Touch Telecom Ltd does not undertake to do so.

1.3 The customer accepts that it may not be able to receive services due to certain technical restrictions. If such technical restrictions are discovered after the date of the contract, Touch Telecom Ltd shall have the right to immediately terminate the contract in whole or in part without prejudice to any of its rights under the contract.


2.1 Touch Telecom Ltd shall provide the customer with the services in exchange for the charges as set out in their contract. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the charges shall be payable monthly in advance from the start of the minimum term.  Payment must be by direct debit and will be due 30 days after the invoice date. If the customer fails to make any payment within 30 days of the date of invoice Touch Telecom Ltd may require the customer to make all payment due under the contract.

2.2 Any installation fees associated with the services shall be payable within 30 days of the date on which they are invoiced.

2.3 All fees are subject to change from time to time in the event that the carrier increases its fees to Touch Telecom Ltd. Details of any such increase shall be provided to the customer as soon as reasonably possible.

Your use of the service(s)

The Customer shall not make any unauthorised commercial use of the service(s). The Customer agrees to keep full and accurate records of all operating units with which the service(s) are enabled and shall permit Touch Telecom Ltd. to review and evaluate such records from time to time to ensure compliance with the Customer’s obligations in connection with the service(s) provided.


The Customer may terminate the Contract by giving Touch Telecom Ltd notice in writing not to expire before the end of the Minimum Term. If the Customer terminates the Contract before the end of the Minimum Term, Touch Telecom Ltd shall be entitled to charge the Customer the charges that would have been payable for the balance of the Minimum Term. If the Customer moves from the Site(s), Touch Telecom Ltd shall be entitled to charge the fees that would have been payable by the Customer for the balance of the Minimum Term. If the Customer wishes to receive the services at a new Site(s), it may be required by Touch Telecom Ltd to start a new Contract.

Telecoms Services Procedure

To request assistance or report a fault, please call Jamie Hullah on 01937 343949 or email: sales@touchtelecom.co.uk
Hours of availability: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

For Service Maintenance Level 2 fault clear by end of next working day as per Openreach SLA.

To help us deal with your needs effectively, please have to hand the following information:

Your name, location and contact number
A description of your incident or request

The actual average line speed will be determined after an initial 10 days, during which the bandwidth speeds may fluctuate significantly.